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What can we do for you?                                                                   Ecological appraisals - Bat surveys - Protected species surveys

At AE Ecology Consulting, we offer a wide range of ecological services that can be tailored to suit your needs.  Everything from an initial walkover survey, or Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA), sometimes called a Phase 1 survey, to a full range of detailed, species-specific (sometimes called Phase 2) surveys – including bats, great crested newts, reptiles, badgers, dormice, water vole and otter - to support a formal Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA).


We will use the results of our assessment to work with you to develop any necessary measures to avoid, mitigate or compensate for any impacts to biodiversity, as required by national and local planning policy.


We will provide the necessary reports to support your planning application and satisfy your local planning authority.


We can also work with you to incorporate features in your development to provide biodiversity benefits, which are encouraged by planning policy.


Please do use the links to the side to see more details of what these surveys entail.  


You can also see our FAQ page for answers to common questions and concerns about biodiversity and the planning process.  We are always happy to discuss your needs, and anything related to biodiversity and planning.

Preliminary Ecological  Assessment (PEA)




Great Crested Newt






Habitat Surveys


Water Vole and Otter


Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)


Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)


Bat survey for planning application

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